Rio Grande’s Office of Campus Computing and Networking (CCN) now offers Information Technology (IT) assistance at the Davis Library’s new Reference & IT Help Desk.

Reference & IT Help Desk at Davis Library

Reference & IT Help Desk located on Davis Library’s Main Floor

Reference & IT Help Desk sign

Caleb Bevan, IT User Support Manager, and Student Assistants Sam Fyffe and Seth Westfall are located in office DL107 on the Davis Library’s Main Floor in the area that was formerly known as the Reference Desk. Next door is Tim Snow, Reference Librarian for the Davis Library in office DL106. The space is being shared to provide both walk-in research and technical support for the campus community.

In addition to IT Help, Bevan and his staff are operating Rio Grande’s new Laptop Lending Program out of their Davis Library location. This program began in response to the coronavirus pandemic to provide “students in need” with the computer technology necessary to complete their coursework and/or access their classes from a distance.

Seth Westfall and Caleb Bevan pictured right to left

Seth Westfall (right) and Caleb Bevan (left)

Sam Fyffe at Rio Grande's IT Desk

Sam Fyffe

Eligibility for the Laptop Lending Program is determined by both CCN and the Office of Student Affairs. For more details, contact Rio Grande’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) Scott Hughes at Hughes is head of CCN, which is located in the basement of Moulton Hall.

Beginning January 2021, the “IT Help” portion of the Reference & IT Help Desk will be launching a new ticketing system on the myRio Page to address all IT Help requests whether they be on or off campus. As always, the Davis Library offers a variety of ways to “Ask Us!” for assistance—most notably via email at