Office of the President

Barbara Gellman-Danley, Ph.D.Welcome to the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College. Come visit us in the beautiful hills of southeastern Ohio where you will find a mix of our proud Appalachian culture and students from as far away as Wales, England and Spain.

We have a long tradition beginning with the establishment of the University in 1876, and the formation of Rio Grande Community College a century later. All lower division courses are set at the tuition level for community college students, and upper division/graduate courses fall within the private rate. Over the course of a full baccalaureate experience at Rio, this partnership provides a competitive pricing with state four-year institutions, and enables immediate first-year access to very qualified faculty with advanced degrees, all offered in a full-service residential setting.

Rio Grande is the only combined public and private institution in the state, and indeed nationally. This partnership creates a unique opportunity for the citizens of southeastern Ohio and those coming to us from other parts of the state, country and internationally. With a full range of student services and a very active student life, there is plenty to do on campus from sports to clubs and fraternities. We are very proud of how our students become integrated with the surrounding communities, and participate actively in service learning projects. Our students have successful careers, and many go on to graduate level programs and professional degrees.

What makes Rio Grande very special is the sense of “family,” and a genuine commitment to the individual learner. With over 2400 students, everyone does seem to know each other’s names, background, and interests. The faculty and staff hold a deep passion for the institution they serve and the students. With a wide variety of majors, our students have the opportunity to complete an associate degree at a very reasonable cost, and move on to new careers or additional upper division higher education. In so doing, Rio meets the challenges set forth in the Ten-Year Strategic Plan of the Ohio Board of Regents – affordability, accessibility, economic development and accountability.

We look forward to your visit and insight as we continue to make a substantial difference in the lives of thousands of first-generation learners. You will find a commitment to quality as well as a very vibrant student life. There is beauty in the region, and an educational gem sitting right here in Rio Grande.

Barbara Gellman-Danley, Ph.D., President
University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College

President's Office
Allen Hall, Room 105