Academic Advising

The New Student Advising Office provides a centralized campus location to assist freshmen students who have not yet decided on a major, transfer students from other institutions, and College Credit Plus students (CCP) with the scheduling of appropriate classes and leading to the declaration of a major.

Academic Advising focuses on assisting students in scheduling courses to fulfill general education requirements and / or lead to the students preferred area of study by:

     *Appropriate referrals to campus and community services.
     *Career and program decisions.
     *Developing an educational plan leading to retention and success for degree completion.
     *Scheduling and course selection. 

A variety of services provided by Academic Advising include:

     *Academic Advising for General Studies (Undecided Major)
     *Academic Advising for Nursing Technology Applicants (Pre-Nursing)
     *Placement Testing and ACT Support

The New Student Advising Office also facilitates advisor training for new full-time and part-time faculty.