Madog Faculty Fellowship



2013-14 Madog Faculty Fellowship Awarded to Dr. Rob Hopkins

Dr. Rob Hopkins at his presentation "The Art of Seeing Wales".

Dr. Rob Hopkins has been selected as the 2013-14 Madog Faculty Fellow. He is Assistant Professor of Biology here at the university and has taught a wide range of courses in biology since he came in 2009. He teaches primarily for the Wildlife and Fish Conservation and Management major and feels he is blessed to live and work in southern Ohio.

He holds a PhD in Zoology from Southern Illinois University, an MS in Biology from Morehead State University, and a BS in Environmental Science from Morehead.

He is a native of Appalachia and grew up near Pikeville, KY. He and wife Rebecca have four children. In his spare time he enjoys bird-watching, archery, and reading.

In his abstract, Rob proposes to create a series of natural history essays profiling select plant and animal species of the Welsh landscape with the goal to increase awareness of the rich biological diversity of Wales and foster a deeper appreciation of its natural history and beauty. He will incorporate some cultural elements into the essays such as the folklore connected to many of the species. For example do Nightjars really suck the blood of goats?

He feels this project could be developed into an Honor’s seminar here at the university and he has already contacted the editor of the North American Journal of Welsh Studies to explore the possibility of being published. He received a very positive email reply.

Congratulations to Rob Hopkins on his selection. He will present his research in April, 2014 at the annual Madog Faculty Fellowship Presentation.