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UNIV OF RIO GRANDE                                                              
QUARTERLY ACCESSIONS LIST REPORT                                                
April 01, 2014 - June 30, 2014                                                  
April 01, 2014 - June 30, 2014                                                  
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ACTING--PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS.                                                  
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ADULT EDUCATION--UNITED STATES.                                                 
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BAND MUSIC--SCORES.                                                             
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BAND MUSIC--SCORES AND PARTS.                                                   
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BIG BANDS--UNITED STATES--DRAMA.                                                
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BIOMOLECULES--MATHEMATICAL MODELS.                                              
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BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS--GRAPHIC METHODS.                                        
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CASTLE, VERNON, 1887-1918--DRAMA.                                               
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CATHOLIC CHURCH--CATECHISMS.                                                    
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  238.2 C357                                                                    
CHEMISTRY, INORGANIC--HISTORY.                                                  
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CHEMISTRY--POPULAR WORKS.                                                       
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CHILD DEVELOPMENT.                                                              
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CHILDREN'S LITERATURE--HISTORY AND CRITICISM.                                   
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CHOMSKY, NOAM--POLITICAL AND SOCIAL VIEWS.                                      
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CITIZEN JOURNALISM.                                                             
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City that became safe : new york's lessons for urban crime and its control.     
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CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT.                                                           
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COACHING (ATHLETICS)--MORAL AND ETHICAL ASPECTS.                                
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COLLEGE GRADUATES--EMPLOYMENT--UNITED STATES.                                   
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COLLEGE TEACHERS--FICTION.                                                      
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COMMUNITY COLLEGES.                                                             
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  Taking a big picture look @ technology, learning, and the community college.  
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COMPUTER ALGORITHMS.                                                            
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COMPUTER SCIENCE.                                                               
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  004 B477                                                                      
COMPUTER STORAGE DEVICES.                                                       
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COMPUTERS AND CIVILIZATION.                                                     
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CONTINUING EDUCATION--ADMINISTRATION.                                           
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DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY--TEXTBOOKS.                                            
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DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASONIC IMAGING.                                                  
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DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASONIC IMAGING.                                                  
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DISTANCE EDUCATION.                                                             
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DISTANCE EDUCATION.                                                             
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DISTANCE EDUCATION--UNITED STATES--CASE STUDIES.                                
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EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION--UNITED STATES.                                       
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EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION--UNITED STATES.                                       
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ECOLOGY--ECONOMIC ASPECTS.                                                      
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ECONOMICS--MORAL AND ETHICAL ASPECTS.                                           
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ECONOMICS--POLITICAL ASPECTS.                                                   
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ECOSYSTEM HEALTH.                                                               
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EDUCATION, HIGHER--UNITED STATES.                                               
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EDUCATION--STANDARDS--UNITED STATES.                                            
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EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP.                                                         
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EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP--UNITED STATES.                                          
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EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY.                                                         
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EMPLOYEE CRIMES--PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS.                                         
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EXECUTIVE POWER--UNITED STATES.                                                 
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EXERCISE--PHYSIOLOGICAL ASPECTS.                                                
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FRIENDSHIP IN CHILDREN.                                                         
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FUGITIVES FROM JUSTICE--FICTION.                                                
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FURNITURE--GREAT BRITAIN--HISTORY--DICTIONARIES.                                
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GEOMETRY--STUDY AND TEACHING.                                                   
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GEOMETRY--STUDY AND TEACHING (SECONDARY).                                       
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HEALTH CARE REFORM--UNITED STATES.                                              
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YOUNG ADULT CONSUMERS.                                                          
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YOUTH AND VIOLENCE--ECONOMIC ASPECTS.                                           
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ZECHMEISTER, L. 1889-1972.                                                      
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April 01, 2014 - June 30, 2014                                                  
BROADCASTING--UNITED STATES--DIRECTORIES.                                       
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SOCIAL SERVICE--DICTIONARIES.                                                   
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  361.303 B255                                                                  
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