Located in the same building as Rio's Book Store and Post Office, on the second floor. Health Services is handicapped accessible and is centrally located for your convenience.  We are located in Room 119, Rhodes Hall.  Health Services is opened from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. 


In November 2012 we expanded the location of Health Services.  We are still located in Rhodes Hall, but a few changes have been implemented.  You can now enter into the offices of Health Services and Accessibility through Room 118 in Rhodes Hall.  All offices are now combined.  All students are seen on first-come/first served basis.  This move was implemented to ensure that each individual  seen in Health Services is given the right to confidentiality.  These standards are based upon HIPPA (www.hhs.gov) standards, which states that each person is given the right to confidentiality when seen by medical personnel.