Tuition and Fees


Tuition and Fees

The University of Rio Grande Board of Trustees and/or the Rio Grande Community College Board of Trustees reserve(s) the right to make, without prior notice, any fee adjustments that may become necessary. 

Terms of Payment

The payment is due one week prior to the first day of the class. Payment must be received on or before due day to avoid deregistration and/or late payment fees. 

-Postmarks will not be reviewed. 

-If you are a participant of third party billing (e.g. BVR, CAA, TAA, VA, WIA, Jobs & Family Services or Workforce Development), it is your responsibility to provide documentation to the Accounting Office. You may fax appropriate documentation to the Accounting Office 740-245-7171 on or before the stated due day. 

Payment Options

1. Check – mail your check for the Balance Due to the address below. Do not send cash.

University of Rio Grande
P.O. Box 500 F-26
Rio Grande, OH 45674


Rio Grande Community College
P.O. Box 326
Rio Grande, OH 45674

2. ACH Payment (eCheck) – makes an electronic check payment by logging into your account at Make sure you follow the instructions very carefully and carefully input your bank’s routing number and your account number (checking or savings account). 

3. Credit Card Online – make a credit card payment by logging into your account at VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. 

4. In Person at cashier window, Accounting Office and Community College Office, top floor Allen Hall, with cash, check or credit card. 

5. Monthly Payment Plan – University of Rio Grande offers a payment plan that allows students to stretch payments through the semester. An enrollment fee is charged for this option. For more information, contact the Accounting Office at 1-800-282-7201, extension 7557 or at the University of Rio Grande website at: Office/payment Plan

6. Financial Aid may be applied to your account if you have qualified for assistance. If financial aid is less than the Balance Due, you must pay the difference. If financial aid is greater than the Balance Due, you will receive a refund. If you are expecting financial aid and your account does not have an award listed, please contact the Financial Aid Office of at 740-245-7218 or 

Returned Check Fees

Upon the receipt of a returned check (including eChecks), University of Rio Grande will send the student and/or check owner an email or a letter detailing the reason for return and amount due. Returned check payments must be made with cash, cashier’s check, or money order. A personal check will not be accepted.

Returned checks will be charged a service fee. Tuition checks that are returned at payment deadline will also be charged a late payment fee. A returned check halt may be placed on the student’s records. The halt cannot be released until payment is made. This halt will affect registration, grades, transcripts, and diplomas from being processed.


Tuition and Course Fees - A student will receive no refund as a result of any course dropped after the first five business days (seven calendar days) of an academic semester, or the first two calendar days of a summer term.

Board - A student withdrawing during an academic semester or summer term for any reason will be refunded a part of the charges for board proportionate to the number of whole weeks of an academic semester or summer term remaining after termination.

Room and Other Fees - A student withdrawing during an academic semester or summer term will not receive a refund of charges for room, institutional fee, technology fee, parking fee, insurance or late registration fee, and other fees.

Advanced Deposit - Advanced deposits are non-refundable.