Emerson E Evans School of Business

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The Emerson E. Evans School of Business offers Masters in Business Administration,     baccalaureate, associate degrees and certificate programs.

Our baccalaureate degrees with comprehensive major are in Accounting, Business Management, Information Technology and Marketing. Furthermore, the School of Business provides minors in these areas to the students of other schools.

Masters in Business Administration program is designed to prepare today's entrepreneurs with a management perspective on organizational effectiveness. A concentration in Entrepreneurship equips today's leaders with a conceptual framework necessary to open a business segment. For details regarding this exciting MBA program please refer to the Emerson E. Evans School of Business web site at MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Additional Degrees available: Accounting, Business Management, Financial Economics, Information Technology, and Marketing.

Our programming is convenient for working and evening students. Please explore the 2011-13 Course Catalog for more information regarding the Bachelor of Science degree program, the Business Core and our Internship/Experience Programs. Please explore our "Certificates, Programs, & Degrees" link on the right.

Please join us in a tour of the Bob Evans Farm Hall and our programs! This video was created by University of Rio Grande Student, Paul Soles (Interactive Media and Business Graduate).

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Bob Evans Farms Hall Tour