Each month, we will be hosting contests on our Facebook page!

January-February - Rio Love Stories

This contest was a great success and so much fun last year, and we want to see how many more love connections were made on campus and still going strong today!

Send us a photo of your and your spouse and your Rio Love Story! Email:

This year, we will pick our winner slightly differently. Instead of our favorite story, we will be posting all of the photos. The photo with the most 'LIKES' at the end of the contest, wins! This is a great way for your to share your photo and story with family and friends!

Just get your photos and story submitted by Feb. 1st. All photos received by Feb. 1st will be posted at noon that day. Then it is up to you to share the photo and get as many likes as possible!


Winner will be announced Feb. 14th on Valentine's Day!!