Our alums are doing great things! We created this 'Featured Alumni' page because we think it is very important for current and potential University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College students to hear from those who have graduated!


Young is the Technology and Engineering Director for Seal Bond Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings located in Western Michigan.  He provides leadership, direction and mentorship to all the technical developments, product development, and engineering improvements for the company.

Young graduated in 1980 from the University of Rio Grande with a B.S. in Chemistry and a double minor in math and business. After graduation, Young went to Ohio University and obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry with a concentration in Polymer Science and Analytical Chemistry. 

He then began his career with DuPont in Richmond, Virginia in 1984 working with Kevlar®, Nomex® and Tyvek® high performance fibers.  In 1988, he transferred to DuPont in Circleville, Ohio to do product development in Mylar® and Kapton® films.  In 2005, he transferred back to Richmond, Virginia to do product development work in Tyvek® for medical packaging and finally in the Building Sciences Organization.

During his 33 year career with DuPont, he was instrumental in developing the Mylar® polyester film base used in bar code labels and in Kodak’s EktathermTM thermal transfer ribbons for digital photography. He also developed a Mylar® capacitor film product used in high voltage flyback transformers that was sold in Asia to produce computer monitors.

While in Dupont’s Tyvek® R&D organization he created an improved Tyvek® bacterial barrier for the medical packaging market and a new child resistant senior friendly nonwoven barrier for pharmaceutical blister packages.

His most recent research has been with DuPont’s Building Sciences business where he successfully invented and commercialized Tyvek® Thermawrap R5.0™, Tyvek® Fluid Applied WB, Tyvek® Fluid Applied Flashing and Joint Compound+, and Tyvek® Fluid Applied WB+™. The products and technologies he has developed to date have resulted in over three quarters of a billion dollars in revenue to DuPont.

Patrick is married to Susan, and they have one daughter, Alana, and three grandchildren. On September 1, 2017, he retired from DuPont and moved his family to Western Michigan to continue his career with Seal Bond Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings.




Lawrence is a Field Director for the Southwest Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America. In his 20-year career, he has served four different roles in Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. The scouting program he oversees has over 22,000 kids in seven counties on the Southwest coast of Florida.

Born in Chillicothe and raised in Londonderry, Lawrence graduated with his B.S. degree from Rio Grande in 1994. Married for 16 years to Christa, the couple has two children; Jensen, age 9 and Emiri, age 5.

Outside of his scouting, Lawrence says he stays busy keeping up with his active kids. He enjoys trail running, exploring mountains, and riding bicycles. He also has ran in a few marathons, including participating and finishing a marathon just two weeks after his last treatment for Stage 3 cancer.



After having worked full time for 50 years, William Grant retired in August 2017. His career experiences included teaching in public and private institutions, and teaching and conducting research at Gallaudet University in their Model Secondary School for the Deaf. 

Grant worked as a beltway bandit, was Director of Research for State of Maryland Public Schools, and then was cold recruited into Medical Education at The University of Oklahoma. He spent 35 plus years in medical education, retiring as Associate Dean Graduate Medical Education at SUNY Upstate Medical University, and as Professor Family Medicine and Professor Emergency Medicine (now both Emeritus).  

In addition, Grant taught at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and the New School in New York. He spent time there doing medical device development consulting.

Today, Grant says he still enjoys doing private statistical and design consulting in the medical field. He is married to Gwen Angell (Rio ‘68 ) and this November, they will celebrate 50 years of marriage. Both of his children graduated from Rio, Catherine ’93 and Christopher ’01. He has two grandchildren: Alexandra and Collin.