Alumni Awards


Our 2018 Alumni Award recipients will be honored on Tuesday, September 11.
We will have a banquet on campus during this time. If you would like to attend,
please contact Delyssa Edwards at 740-245-7431. Please RSVP by Sept. 1, 2018

2017 Alumni Award Recipients

Rio recognized five Alumni Award Winners for 2017 during Founders Day. Pictured left to right are Alumni Council Chair Megan Matura Barnes, Class of 2002; University of Rio Grande Staff Award Winner Carolyn Berry; Atwood Achievement Award Winner C. Michael Reardon, Class of 1966; University of Rio Grande Alumni Award Winner Leonard Longo, Class of 1963; University of Rio Grande Staff Award Winner Rebecca Thomas Long, Class of 1999; and Rio President Dr. Michelle Johnston.

Patrick Young - A recently retired technology leader and senior research associate at DuPoint Building Innovations, Young dedicated 33 years to the company and during his employment he was named inventor on six United States patents with five other patents pending. This 1980 University of Rio Grande graduate went on to obtain his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Ohio University and is now employed at Seal Bond Adhesives and Sealants Corporation and resides in Norton Shores, Michigan.


C. Michael Reardon – A 1965 graduate of the University of Rio Grande, Reardon is a business owner, entrepreneur, and community philanthropist. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, serving in Korea. He has served on dozens of boards over the last 40 years, including membership on the University of Rio Grande board from 2005-2017. Born in Columbus, Ohio, Reardon and his wife have made their home in Wooster, Ohio since 1974. They have two daughters and four grandchildren. 


Leonard Longo – A 1963 University of Rio Grande graduate, and now a retired educator from Long Beach, New Jersey, the name Leonard Longo and Rio Grande go hand in hand when talking about the institution. While on campus, Longo was part of the Fraternal Order of the Archon Fraternity and remains a devoted alumnus of the organization.


Rebecca Thomas Long – Beginning as a student, and now Vice-President of Student & Administrative Affairs, Rebecca Long has had a lifelong career with the University of Rio Grande. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree from Rio in Public Relations in 1999 and her masters from Marshall University in 2006. She began working full time at Rio in 2001 and has held several position throughout her career.


Carolyn Berry - Carolyn Berry has been with the University of Rio Grande for 14 years. Getting her start as a nursing secretary and then serving in other numerous secretary positions, Berry found her home with Campus Police where she has been since 2013 as their secretary and records clerk.




1967                            J. Boyd Davis

1968                            William Hollis Ewing

1968                            Marie Fowler Richards

1970                            Ina Alban

1971                            Elton Savage

1972                            Pearl Waddell Northup

1973                            Roy Moses

1974                            J. Newton Oliver

1975                            Eugenia Ferguson Gardner

1975                            Ernest Miller

1976                            Frank Dixon “Dick” Hyland

1977                            J. Sherman Porter

1978                            Margaret Thomas

1979                            Charles A. Weed

1979                            Kurt Williams

1980                            Howard Blanchard

1980                            Carrie Hutchinson North Dale

1981                            Jim Burnette

1981                            C. Robert Leith

1982                            Daniel Fulks

1983                            Jack Hagar

1984                            Susan Hagar

1985                            Jim Bitonte

1986                            Diana Carsey Kinder

1987                            David Cole

1990                            Marshall Kimmel

1992                            Judy Burdell

1995                            Jane Peterson

1997                            Andrew Drukker

1997                            David W. Smith

2000                            Jacob Bapst

2005                            Jack Finch

2007                            Larry Guglielmi

2008                            Roy Moses

2009                            Hope Keller

2010                            Patty Forgey

2017                            Leonard Longo





1967                            Tong Won Lee

1971                            Melbra Thornton

1972                            John Willard Lewis

1973                            Donald Farrar

1974                            Thomas Helms

1975                            William Williams

1976                            Emanuel Eni

1977                            Pauline Lindley Wallace

1978                            John Hoyt

1979                            John Evans

1981                            Gaines Clements

1983                            Ronald Glover

1986                            Smith Runyan

1987                            Richard Northup

1988                            Stephen Towler

1989                            John Merrill Weed

1990                            William Grant

1991                            Gilbert McNeal

1992                            Keith Molihan

1993                            Richard Munyon

1995                            Donald Cox

1996                            Robert Lawson

1997                            Doris Rhea Coy

1998                            Joseph McKay

2005                            Jeffrey Robb

2008                            Mark Coe

2011                            Peggy Anderson

2012                            Steve Gilmore

2017                            Patrick Young




1970                            William McDonald

1971                            William Hollis Ewing

1972                            Thomas Brown

1973                            Betsy Field

1974                            Floyd Beman

1974                            Oyer Saunders

1975                            Carl Bennett

1975                            Emily Foster Leedy

1976                            Harry Fritz

1977                            Donald Garret

1978                            Carl Meadows

1980                            Harold Yinger

1981                            Robert Jenkins

1982                            Helen Jones Mayton

1983                            Susan Burnside Hagar

1985                            John Lawhorn

1986                            Fred Deel

1987                            Pamela Black Matura

1988                            Laura “Betty” Kratz

1989                            Roger D. Williams

1990                            Lawrence Landaker

1991                            Ronald Adkins

1992                            Ralph Taylor

1993                            Jane Johnson

1995                            William Morgan

1996                            Sherman Blagg

1997                            Jack Payton

1998                            Michael D. Francis

2001                            Deborah Chapman Biggs

2001                            Teresa Snider-Boring

2003                            Kimberly Flaugher Flasher

2004                            James G. Bernbeck

2007                            Chad Lambert

2008                            Stacie Hutton

2009                            Franklin Bullock

2017                            C. Michael Reardon



1967                            Robert Ewing

1968                            Clara Poston

1969                            Frances Burdell

1970                            Zelma Northcutt

1971                            Luther Tracy

1974                            Jean Lloyd Cooper

1975                            Alphus Christensen

1976                            Arthur Lanham

1977                            Loredith Lowe

1978                            Ben Forshey

1979                            Charles Withee

1979                            Ruth Thomas

1981                            Dean Brown

1982                            Everett Hall, Jr.

1982                            Herman Koby

1982                            H. Paul Lloyd

1983                            Arlen Owens

1982                            Ronald Tucceri

1983                            Bernard Murphy

1985                            Margaret Thomas

1987                            Larry Spees

1988                            Thomas Osborne

1989                            Linda Bauer

1990                            Edward Sofranko

1992                            T. Michael Rhodes

1993                            Ruth Thomas

1995                            Ruth George

1996                            Raymond Matura

2003                            Robert Willey

2004                            Barry Thompson

2008                            Anthony Daniels

2017                            Rebecca Long

2017                            Carolyn Berry


1969                            Cora Williams Baker
1969                            Mary Lewis
1970                            Fred Bouic
1970                            Francis Shane
1972                            John Stiffler
1973                            Merlyn Ross
1974                            Irene Mossman Brannon
1975                            Robert L. Evans
1976                            Joseph Bitonte
1978                            Esther Rimmel
1979                            Patty Forgey
1980                            Wilma Fogelsong
1983                            Ivan Tribe
1984                            Catherine Clark Eich
1984                            Loredith Lowe
1985                            Athena
1986                            Atwood Heritage Club
1986                            Michael Burcham
1986                            H. Paul Lloyd
1987                            Jack Hagar
1988                            Ann McCarrell
1988                            Roger S. Williams
1989                            Bess Evans Grace
1990                            Doris Ross
1991                            Mildred Bangert
1991                            Mabel Mohler
1993                            Ruth Cook
1993                            Robert S. Wood
2002                            Alumni Memorial Bell Tower Committee
2003                            Abby Gail Goodnite
2004                            Martha Streich Crowder
2007                            Christopher DeBow
2008                            Fraternal Order of Archon Alumni Association
*No longer have award