Post Secondary Enrollment Option

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP) allows Ohio high school students to earn college credit and/or high school graduation credit through the successful completion of college courses. The PSEOP is open to students in Grades 9-12 who are enrolled in the state's public, community and nonpublic high schools. The program promotes rigorous academic pursuits and exposes students to options beyond the high school classroom. Public and nonpublic high school students may enroll in the nonsectarian, college-level courses and receive college credit and/or credit toward graduation from high school. (The State of Ohio, under Senate Bill 140)

Rio Grande PSEO Quick Facts

The application deadline is April 1st.

Soon after the application deadline all students will be notified of when and where they are to take the Compass Placement Test.

All test results will be mailed to the students with a letter telling the student what they should do next:

  • If they test into all college level work they will be notified of orientation
  • If they require remedial work they will be notified of summer classes

It is REQUIRED that the student and at least one parent attend the orientation.

Students are not permitted to register before orientation their first semester.

There are two PSEO options:

  • Option A: The student is responsible for all charges
  • Option B: All charges are paid and students receive dual credit

If the student is placed on academic probation by Rio Grande, he or she is automatically switched to Option A and is responsible for all charges.

Students are not allowed to take more credit hours than could be taken in one year in his or her home high school (the number of periods in the day x 5).   Any additional hours must be paid for by the student.

The student may have to pay for classes dropped past the first week of each semester.

The student may have to pay for books not returned within 5 days after the completion of the class.

Students are not permitted to participate in any extra or co-curricular activities at Rio Grande.

Students are not permitted to take any 3000 or 4000 level courses.

It takes 5 semester hours to equal one Carnegie unit (high school credit).

Rio Grande offers free tutoring to all students.

If the student or family has any questions during the process, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Blake at 740-245-7211 or